2 days ago

Pornhub Finally Removes Girls Do Porn

After months of knowingly working with a porn production company that was accused of lying to women, Pornhub finally removes its official page from its platform.


Bang Bros Bought a Huge Porn Doxing Forum and Set Fire to It

PornWikiLeaks was a forum devoted to revealing the names and personal information of porn performers, including several in the Girls Do Porn trial.


The One Company I Gave My Address To Won’t Delete It

I get packages delivered to friends and don’t have my name on my doorbell. But all of my work may have been undermined by a cheap mattress.


A New Zealand Woman Was Charged for Doxing a Sex Worker Online

This case happened in a country where sex work is legal, but it still illustrates how people exploit stigma and shame.


Inside the Messy, Dark Side of Nintendo Switch Piracy

Doxing rivals, stealing each other’s files, and poking around Nintendo’s servers are all a normal part of the ballooning Nintendo Switch hacking and piracy scenes.


Facebook Has Hosted Stolen Identities and Social Security Numbers for Years

The social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and alleged credit card numbers of dozens of people are being advertised and sold on Facebook. The internet giant deleted some of them after Motherboard flagged the posts.


The Ethics of Doxing Nazis on Social Media

The important question is: does any of this help?


British Hacker Pleads Guilty to Hacking US Military Satellite Phone And Messaging System

A 25-year-old broke into a DoD satellite communication system and doxed around 800 Department of Defense employees.


Professor Schools Amateur Bitcoin Scammer

Everyone wants bitcoin, even amateur and careless scammers.


‘Lone Wolf’ Criminal Hacker Gets Doxed Thanks To Series Of Dumb Mistakes

A cybercriminal from Eastern Europe who has been hacking a Chinese company for years appears to have carelessly exposed his own real identity.


Here's How Not to Get Doxed Like FBI Director James Comey

Separating your pseudonymous Twitter account from your real life identity can be tricky.