eating animals


'Eating Animals' Doesn't Preach Veganism, But It Will Make You Consider It

The new documentary produced by Jonathan Safran Foer and Natalie Portman will make viewers grapple with their carnivorous tendencies.


Europeans Think the Meat Industry Is as Sleazy as Used Car Salesmen

According to a new report, Europeans trust the meat industry about as much as they trust a guy in a plaid suit trying to sell them an ‘88 Citroën.


This Vegan Professor Says There's No Such Thing as Real Vegetarians

He wants the vegans and vegetarians of the world to understand that they’re eating animal remains in and through the plants they eat.


You Gotta Murder the Rooster Yourself in Portugal

I recently learned how to slaughter and butcher a cute, fluffy rooster in Portugal to make a traditional blood rice chicken dish. The only issue was that nobody spoke a word of English, so the whole event was the most intense game of charades I have...