Scientists Discover a Meat-Eating Plant That Feeds on Salamanders

Add salamanders to the list of things that pitcher plants will eat.


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Mammals Are Dying at an Alarming Rate Even in Unpolluted Forests

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The American Bumblebee Is Facing Extinction in Canada

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Warmer Temperatures and Disease Decimated This West Coast Starfish in Two Years

“If it does disappear from these shores, it is gone from the planet.”


Watch Wolves Claim Their Territories in GPS Map of Their Movements

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Every Single Sea Turtle in This Study Had Microplastics in Its Gut

The researchers tested turtles from all seven species, across three oceans.


As Ocean Predators Recover, Humans Need to Learn to Coexist

It’s great that sharks, whales, and sea otters are bouncing back in some marine areas. But it may also increase human-wildlife conflicts.


Mammals Can’t Evolve Fast Enough to Outrun Human-Caused Mass Extinction

Thanks to humans, arguably the worst species on the planet, we’re currently in the middle of a mass extinction event that threatens much of Earth’s biodiversity.


Ecosocialists Believe the Only Way to Stop Climate Change Is to Abandon Capitalism

This week's devastating IPCC report has brought the impending impacts of climate change, and just how far we are from meeting our goals to stop them, into crisp focus.


Tiny Organisms in Earth’s Most Unlivable Places May Help Us Find Alien Life

Luke McKay, an astrobiologist and microbial ecologist, is probing the extreme limits of life on Earth to answer bigger questions about the universe.