The Strange Case of 'Joe Exotic,' the Zookeeper Accused of Attempted Murder

"I am the most dangerous exotic animal owner on this planet right now. And before you bring me down, it is my belief that you will stop breathing."
Drew Schwartz

FBI Refuses to Release Dark Web Kingpin Arrest Video It Already Showed and Bragged About

The bureau rejected a FOIA request without explaining why.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

We Met the Americans Refusing to Recognize the Federal Government

Jamali Maddix sits down with a few self-declared "sovereign citizens" on the season finale of 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR.'
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Feds to scrap humanitarian protections for US Haitians, Charlie Rose accused of serial sexual misconduct, Border Patrol union attributes agent's death to ambush, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Texas Cop Who Said Town Was 'Infested' with Cartels Allegedly Worked with Them

The feds say Geovani Hernandez bragged about his ties to a powerful cartel boss and took thousands in exchange for protecting drug runners.
Drew Schwartz
true crime

The Strange Extortion Trial Pitting Teamsters Against 'Top Chef'

Allegations of slashed tires, misogynistic and ethnic threats, and terrified reality TV producers—this federal case has it all.
Susan Zalkind
Weed Week

How the IRS Screws Legal Weed Businesses

The IRS targets legal cannabis businesses. Now the industry is fighting back.
David Bienenstock

Did the FBI Spy on This Black Muslim After 9/11 Because His Dad Was Linked to Malcolm X?

Critics say the case raises serious questions about how the government treats radicals of all stripes.
Erin Corbett, Arun Kundnani, and Anevay Aponi Zapata
Tor Network

We Talked to the Hacker Who Took Down a Fifth of the Dark Web

“This is in fact my first hack ever.”
Joseph Cox

This White Chicago Cop Isn’t Surprised His Department Is Accused of Routine Brutality

The feds last week accused Chicago cops of regularly using excessive force on citizens. Here's what one white cop patrolling the city's tough South Side is expecting under Donald Trump.
Justin Glawe

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama vows retaliation for Russian election hacking, the Syrian government suspends the evacuation of Aleppo, Trump's new Israeli ambassador wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and more.
VICE Staff
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Inside F.E.D.S., the the unofficial newsletter of urban crime culture

If you’ve lived in many of America’s poor, urban areas or been entangled in its penal system, you’re more than likely familiar with the publication. Its reputation for raw, authentic coverage of the criminal fringe has made it a staple in US prisons.
Oliver Noble