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The Books That Can Change and/or Ruin Your Life in College

A reading list and a cautionary tale.
VICE Staff
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

An Excerpt from Ling Ma's Upcoming Novel, 'Severance'

What's worse than breaking up? Ending things during an apocalyptic super storm.
Ling Ma
The 2017 Fiction Issue

An Excerpt from Ottessa Moshfegh's Upcoming Novel, 'My Year of Rest and Relaxation'

A woman decides to hibernate by taking as many psychiatric medications as she can convince her psychiatrist to prescribe her. But reality calls her out of hibernation when her best friend's mother dies, and she must go to the funeral.
Ottessa Moshfegh
The 2017 Fiction Issue

A Short Story from Alexia Arthurs's Upcoming Collection, 'How to Love a Jamaican'

A local murder haunts a woman.
Alexia Arthurs
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'Wrath,' a Short Essay on Losing Your Temper by Allen Pearl

A writing teacher flips out on his students.
Allen Pearl
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'Love Is Sadness,' a Short Essay on Losing Your Temper by David Shields

What a good man says to his wife when he is at his worst.
David Shields
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'Rage Blackouts,' a Short Essay on Losing Your Temper by Sadie Stein

The author dreams of losing her temper.
Sadie Stein
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'Rooster,' a Short Essay on Losing Your Temper by Walter Kirn

Going to war with a rooster.
Walter Kirn
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'The Bully,' a Short Essay on Losing Your Temper by Akhil Sharma

The author feels enraged by a man who is dying.
Akhil Sharma
the VICE magazine podcast

Alena Graedon on Writing About Breakups and Self-Defense

On this episode of 'The VICE Magazine Podcast,' the fiction writer describes the inspiration for her story "The Padded Attacker."
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'Sarah,' a Short Story by Victoria Freisner

A woman opens up to her therapist about the time her boyfriend raped her.
Victoria Freisner
The 2017 Fiction Issue

'The Invention of Perspective,' a Story by Paul Maliszewski

A man takes his son and an out-of-town guest to the museum, and his two selves—father and friend—clash.
Paul Maliszewski