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Flint Lead Water Investigation Is Taking a Weird Turn: 'I Want to See Some Orange Jumpsuits, Right Quick'

Special Prosecutor Todd Flood is out. A new team is in. And no one knows whom to trust.
Roberto Ferdman

The Rebuilding of Flint Is Starting With Barbecue and Banh Mi

"It was about choosing my town, my city, and my identity... it boils down to a pure love for this community."
Tom Perkins

Millions of Kids Are Exposed to Lead Because the U.S. Prefers to Protect Landlords

Exposure to lead can cause permanent brain damage, a lower IQ, and other health problems. But without federal regulations, most people don't know they're impacted until it's too late.
Ankita Rao

When It's Not Poisoning Us, the U.S. Water System Is Robbing Us Blind

People can go into such extreme debt over unpaid water bills—even incorrect ones—that they lose their homes.
Ankita Rao
Green New Deal

Watch AOC’s takedown of a Republican calling the Green New Deal “elitist”

“We’re here, and people are more concerned about helping oil companies than helping their own families? I don’t think so”
Rex Santus

How Newark got lead in its water, and what it means for the rest of America

Close to half of Newark homes tested have lead in their water. Residents are outraged.
Sarah Sax

The Next Flint Water Nightmare Could Be Closer Than You Think

"Flint should be a wake-up call for folks to take a hard look at their drinking systems," says a journalist who wrote a new book on the crisis.
Seth Ferranti

These Filmmakers Spent a Year with the Cops in Flint

We spoke to the filmmakers behind Netflix's haunting new documentary series, 'Flint Town.'
Ethan Sapienza
Power to the Polls

The Woman Running for Office to Fight Sexual Harassment Head-On

Michigan Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel garnered national attention when she promised not to inappropriately expose herself in a campaign ad.
Leila Ettachfini
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This Detroit duo is bringing “Street Lit” to television mainstream

Detroit's bestselling co-authors Ashley and JaQuavis Coleman are now creating TV shows.
Mary HK Choi
Desus & Mero

Terry Crews Tells Desus and Mero How Comedy Changed His Life

The NFL player turned actor visited 'Desus & Mero' to discuss how he was able to let go of his anger and become a nicer person.
Sarah Bellman

Chicago has to run water fountains 24/7 to keep lead levels down

Alex Lubben