When It's Not Poisoning Us, the U.S. Water System Is Robbing Us Blind

People can go into such extreme debt over unpaid water bills—even incorrect ones—that they lose their homes.
Ankita Rao

The Next Flint Water Nightmare Could Be Closer Than You Think

"Flint should be a wake-up call for folks to take a hard look at their drinking systems," says a journalist who wrote a new book on the crisis.
Seth Ferranti

These Filmmakers Spent a Year with the Cops in Flint

We spoke to the filmmakers behind Netflix's haunting new documentary series, 'Flint Town.'
Ethan Sapienza
Power to the Polls

The Woman Running for Office to Fight Sexual Harassment Head-On

Michigan Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel garnered national attention when she promised not to inappropriately expose herself in a campaign ad.
Leila Ettachfini
Desus & Mero

Terry Crews Tells Desus and Mero How Comedy Changed His Life

The NFL player turned actor visited 'Desus & Mero' to discuss how he was able to let go of his anger and become a nicer person.
Sarah Bellman
Livable Planet

Here's How to Find out If Your Region Has Contaminated Drinking Water

There are almost 3,000 locales in the United States with at least double the amount of lead contamination found in the water in Flint, Michigan.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Senate Republicans unveil healthcare bill, ISIS destroys key mosque in Iraq, feds say Russian hackers may have targeted elections in 21 states, and more.
VICE Staff

‘Historic’ Flint Manslaughter Charges Will Change How We Prosecute Environmental Crimes

Is this a tipping point for environmental law?
Ankita Rao
The Rundown

A Transgender Politician Just Made History in a Red District

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
Impact Water

For Everyone Who Has No Idea Where the Hell Their Tap Water Comes From

We've got the answers.
Aaron Barksdale
Impact Water

Here's How to Be an Ethical Bottled Water Drinker

Hint: don’t drink bottled water.
Aaron Barksdale
Impact Water

Water Rights are Civil Rights and Civil Rights are Human Rights

The lack of accountability for privatized water companies leaves room for significant environmental damage.
Molly Bangs