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Fyre Festival Merch Is Going on Sale to Pay Back Billy McFarland's $26 Million Debt

The US Marshal's Service is selling Fyre Festival-branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, and wristbands.
Bonnie Emmanuelle
Fyre Fest

Fyre Festival founder facing up to 75 years in prison with new guilty plea

Billy McFarland stole more than $100,000 while out on bail for charges related to his Fyre Fest scam.
Gabrielle Bluestone
Fyre Fest

Fyre Festival founder charged with scamming people out of $100K while out on bail

Billy McFarland, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in March, was charged with an additional count of wire fraud and money laundering late Tuesday afternoon.
Gabrielle Bluestone
Fyre Fest

Fyre Fest's founder is going to prison, but the spirit of his scam lives on

Founder Billy McFarland was still pursuing business deals while out on bail, and Fyre Fest attendees are still getting offers.
Gabrielle Bluestone
Fyre Fest

Fyre Festival employees are still getting screwed a year later

Contractors and employees are still waiting to be paid back.
Oliver Noble
Gabriel Connelly
fyre festival

Burning Man warns Fyre Festival attendees about fake ticket scam

Organizers say tickets being offered Fyre Fest attendees are fake
Gabrielle Bluestone
Best of 2017

The Best of the Worst of 2017

Let's leave "medium rare chicken strips" and avolattes in 2017.
Munchies Staff
fyre festival

Exclusive documents reveal Fyre Festival's "shitshow" ticket scheme

Fyre Festival founder Billy MacFarland ran a concert ticket buying scheme that blended the finances of his two companies, credit card records show.
Gabrielle Bluestone

Witches Respond to Allegations that Some Guy From Blink-182 Hexed Fyre Fest

"If Blink-182 was any good at witchcraft there would have been a point in their career where they weren't a laughingstock."
Sarah Lyons
billy mcfarland

Fyre Festival founder arrested and charged with wire fraud

Gabrielle Bluestone
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Fyre Festival Is Reportedly Under Federal Investigation for Fraud

More bad news for the failed event's organizers.
Lawrence Burney
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Fyre Festival organizers blew all their money months early on models, planes, and yachts

Gabrielle Bluestone