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There's a Lot More to Being a Leatherman Than You'd Expect

“People have this idea about leather—they think S&M. And while S&M can be a part of leather, that’s not leather itself. Leather is a community first.”
Juliette Maigné

Queer People Describe Their First Time in a Gay Club

"I realized that this was what freedom looked like."
VICE Staff

How Abandoned Queer Kids Find the Strength to Love Their Families

I've heard enough stories of rejected queer children to last a lifetime. No two are alike, and none are as cut and dry as you'd think.
Jeff Leavell

Cheap Pints and Sanctuary in the UK's 'Most Remote' Gay Bar

We went for a night out in Central Bar, an LGBT venue in Strabane, Northern Ireland.
Michael Segalov

Can Gay Dating Apps Replace Gay Bars? Opinions Vary

Gay and genderfluid people from around the world sound off on the good and bad of the rise of gay dating apps.
James Norman
daily vice

Get Your Dose of MUNCHIES on the Latest Daily VICE

Today, senior editor Matthew Zuras talks about his visit to The Country Club, the famed New Orleans gay bar that until recently was clothing-optional.
Munchies Staff
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Inside New Orleans' Infamous, Formerly Nude Gay Bar

More than a year after the last swimsuit came off at its pool, I decided to visit The Country Club to see if the hedonistic character of the place had disappeared.
Matthew Zuras
daily vice

We Check Out a Spanish Roller Derby Game on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then MUNCHIES explains why a New Orleans gay bar changed its clothing-optional rule, and Motherboard investigates a new startup that's helping people identify counterfeit drugs in Pakistan.
VICE Staff

Photographing the Faces of the Best Gay Bar in London

The Joiners Arms is closing down this time next week. To celebrate its 18 years of flying the rainbow flag, we photographed some of the London venue's best-dressed regulars.
Rebecca Zephyr Thomas