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'Baby Raves' Are the Hot New Thing for Insufferable Bay Area Parents

Do babies want this? Do babies want to party? Do they want to be Baby DJs? Do they even know who Robyn is or how hard 'Body Talk' slaps???


You Need to Read 'American Spy,' the Obama-Approved Spy Novel That's the Anti-James Bond

Lauren Wilkinson's debut novel is a time-hopping thriller that examines Harlem's gentrification and the experience of Black women.


In a Changing New Orleans, Gene's Po'Boys Loses to Gentrification

Locals told us what the 50-year-old shop means to them, and why seeing it replaced by condos is so devastating.


How 'Woke' Liberals Convince Themselves That Gentrifying Is Okay

As a gentrifier myself, I decided to study how we justify what we're doing.


How Miami Locals Are Dealing with the City's Rent Crisis

Here's how people can actually afford to live in Florida's most happening city.


Seattle's Fight to Save The Showbox, Its Most Important Venue

Artists like Pearl Jam and Duke Ellington once graced its stage. Now activists are trying to save it from demolition.


Photos of Life in 'Portugal's Toughest Neighborhood'

Photographer José Ferreira's new project captures a marginalized community as it's torn down.


Oat milk is coming to your town. Here's how.

The milk substitute is spreading fast


How anti-gentrification activists derailed Amazon’s New York City plans

"I think this marks a turning point because of the size and power of Amazon."


Fried Chicken Restaurant Takes Down 'Insensitive' Paintings of Rappers After Outcry

A new restaurant in a gentrifying area of DC received backlash from locals for paintings that showed rappers as chickens.


On Turning Racist White People into Memes to Cope with Collective Trauma

While names like #BBQBecky and #PoolsidePete are catchy (and funny), many believe the terms for white people weaponizing 911 calls against Black people in blatantly innocuous situations is a form of dealing with pain.


What Happens When Latinx People Gentrify Latinx Communities

LA's Boyle Heights is gentrifying despite a battle to ward off outsiders, and Latinx people may have something to do with that.