Israel and Iran Are Inching Closer to Actual War

A wayward drone, airstrikes, a downed Israeli jet—here's what this weekend's scuffle means for the coming year in a volatile region.
Matt Taylor

Sure seems like Saudi Arabia is looking for war in Lebanon

Tim Hume

The US Military’s Drone-Killing Planes Are Hunting ISIS’s Weaponized Quadcopters

In October, American forces in the Middle East had at least two aircraft capable of jamming radio signals used by insurgents to trigger bombs on the ground.
David Axe
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Hezbollah Says Rebels — Not Israelis — Killed Its Top Commander in Syria

Hezbollah said Saturday that the death of its top commander in Syria was the result of rebel shelling, and not an Israeli airstrike.
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Top Hezbollah Commander, the 'Untraceable Ghost,' Is Killed in Syria

Hezbollah has blamed Israel for killing its top commander in Syria in an airstrike near Damascus, but officials have refused to be drawn on possible Israeli involvement.
Reuters and VICE News
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Rebel Advance in Aleppo Countryside Sparks Fierce Fighting, Airstrikes

Dozens of air strikes hit near the town of Khan Touman, which rebels took from forces loyal to the government and its ally Iran late on Thursday.

Lebanese Ex-Minister Gets 10 Years for Smuggling Explosives and Planning Attacks

A Lebanese military court on Friday increased the jail term for ex-minister of Information and Tourism, Michel Samaha, who was convicted last year.
Reuters News Agency
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Pawns in Syria's Ceasefire, Three Boys Die in Landmine Explosion

The three young boys could not access medical care because Madaya — the Syrian town where they lived — is playing a key role in a deadly geopolitical balancing act.
Samuel Oakford and Avi Asher-Schapiro
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All Sides Are Supposedly Violating Syria's Ceasefire — That Doesn't Mean It's a Total Failure

A week into Syria's cessation of hostilities, there are multiple reports of violations — but in many parts of the country people are able to live without fear of bombing for the first time in years.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

Hillary Clinton Was Warned of Possible Terror Attacks in Latin America by Confidant Sidney Blumenthal

The communication was among 550 emails released on Saturday by the State Department, which was ordered by a federal judge to release the documents following a lawsuit by VICE News.
Greg Walters
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Islamic State Behind Three Bombings That Killed 60 Near Syria's Holiest Shiite Shrine

A car bomb and two suicide bombers targeted an area of Damascus where Hezbollah and other Shiite militias from Iraq and Iran have a strong presence.
Reuters and VICE News
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How an American Family Ended Up Starving in the Besieged Syrian Town of Madaya

At least five US citizens, including three American-born children, are struggling to survive a Hezbollah-imposed siege that has left Madaya sorely lacking in food and medicine — and with no means of escape.
Avi Asher-Schapiro