For Trans People, Changing Your ID to Match Your Gender Is a Nightmare

From transphobic clerks to requirements that are constantly changing, the process is confusing at best and dangerous at worst.


Your Heartbeat Could Be a Better Password Than Whatever You’re Using Now

It's another step forward in biometric verification.


A Veteran Won the Right to Legally Identify as Neither Male Nor Female

In a monumental decision, an Oregon judge said an army vet could be exactly who they want to be.


The Strange Case of Rhode Island’s Voter-ID Law

In the only state where voter restrictions have been backed by a Democratic majority, residents are bracing themselves for long lines in Tuesday's presidential primary.


Video Shows California Police Tackling Pregnant Woman to the Ground During Arrest

The ACLU has released footage of Barstow cops arresting a woman who is eight months pregnant after she refused to identify herself.


Forget Fingerprints—in the Future We'll Be Identified by Gut Bacteria

Scientists have shown for the first time that people can be identified with unique microbial “fingerprints.”


The Challenge of Identifying The Dead In a Disaster

After a large-scale disaster, one of the priorities is to identify the corpses, a task that often falls to a disaster-victim-identification expert.


In the Future Your Phone Will Have to Trust You

The days of PINs and fingerprint identification are over. Canadian based Zighra is developing phone software that reads how you swipe to figure out who you are.