Hunting Reindeer Involves Jingle Bells and Arctic Temperatures

I went hunting with the indigenous reindeer herding people, Sami, who are facing a very present struggle with climate change and the Norwegian government.
Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen
Los Angeles

California Produce Can Humble Even the Greatest Nordic Chefs

Chef Adam Aamann made the New Nordic food movement his own by single-handedly reinventing the smørrebrød open-faced sandwich. Nonetheless, he turned into a kid in a candy store when he visited the Santa Monica Farmers Market.
Javier Cabral

Vikings Were Great Cooks Long Before The Rest of Us

As a Scandinavian chef, I've immersed myself into our history to figure out how people have pulled through our freezing winters.
Esben Holmboe Bang

Proof the Only Way to See an Icelandic Sunset Is in 4K

Well, or in person.
Nathaniel Ainley

Swedish Midsummer Is the Only Time You’ll See Your Grandparents Drunk

Midsummer in Sweden is our biggest holiday. There are cakes and pastries and strawberries. And lots of drinking. We drink a lot of snaps, which is like gin, but without the juniper berries.
Niklas Ekstedt

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Göteborg

In our opening episode, Ivar travels to Göteborg, Sweden’s fish capital, to put together a Swedish smörgåsbord with catch straight from the sea.
Ivar Berglin
Faroe Islands

Fat Birds Are Easy Prey: Fulmar Hunting in the Faroe Islands

MUNCHIES goes baby fulmar hunting with local Høgni Mohr, who shows us how the people of the Faroe Islands scoop baby fulmars out of the sea and prepares them—beheading, torching, and all—for eating.
Høgni Mohr

Iceland, I Love You—But Your Grocery Stores Are Weird

I came to Iceland expecting animals heads, and I found animals heads. But is that prune-flavored milk I see sitting on the shelf? And why is all of the candy overwhelmingly infused with licorice? Well, at least your skyr is delicious.
Hilary Pollack

Chef's Night Out: Matt Orlando

We went to Copenhagen to visit Matt Orlando, the chef and owner of Amass who took us on a tour of his favorite places around town. Get ready for the holy trinity of new Nordic cuisine: brains, balls, and burritos.
Munchies Staff

Eating on Tour Can Blow, But Thank God for the Food in Copenhagen

I've been touring with bands for the past eight years and I've figured out how to find the best food in any given city. To kick off this column, I'm going to do a solid for Timber Timbre, a band that's playing in Copenhagen tomorrow to provide some...
Max Goldblatt

Artist Siggi Eggertsson Warps The Nordic Landscape Through A Digital Lens

What Iceland would look like as a video game.
Robert Urquhart
The Fashion Issue 2010

Today’s Viking

And now, just for the sake of historical accuracy in light of the preceding photo story, which is accurate in lots of ways but not so accurate in some key ways, we present an interview with a real, a seriously really real, Viking.
Milène Larsson, Portrait: Anders Kristensson