Did Taylor Swift Weaponize Streaming Music Against Katy Perry?

After years of holding out, the pop princess released her full catalog on Spotify—the same day her rival Katy Perry's new album debuted.


How Glam Rock Got Us From David Bowie to Lil Uzi Vert

'Under the Influence: Glam Rock' is a documentary that explores how the genre's outlandish fantasy approach changed music forever, brought to you by Pandora Premium.


Pandora Reinstates Co-Founder as CEO, Share Prices Fall

Tim Westergren will replace Brian McAndrews​, who held the position for the last two and a half years.


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Pandora Reportedly Considering Putting Itself Up For Sale

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Rdio’s Final Goodbye Is an Export Feature for Its Users' Music Collections

"Download a list of your favorites and playlists in various formats so you can import them into other services.”


Songza Is Shutting Down, But Its Best Features are Already in Google Play Music

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A Collision Between Mini-Moons May Have Formed One of Saturn's Outer Rings

A new paper reveals that Saturn’s F ring is probably the fallout of a moonlet fight.