Post Mortem


Here are 2017’s Top Death-Related Google Searches

A lot of people wanted to know if you can die from herpes.


This Game Explores What Happens to Your Corpse When You Die

Unlike most video games, where dead bodies are swept away, 'A Mortician's Tale' forces you to deal with what comes next.


Working as a Funeral Director Helped Me Learn to Love Life

Sixth generation funeral director Caleb Wilde discusses his new book, 'Confessions of a Funeral Director: How the Business of Death Saved My Life.'


The Growing Movement to Memorialize Queerness After Death

LGBTQ representation is increasing in both cemeteries and obituaries.


How Social Media Changed Celebrity Deaths in 2016

There weren't necessarily more celebrity deaths, just more collective mourning on the internet.


What Happens if You Vote and Die Before Election Day?

Let's say you send in an absentee ballot and then you drop dead. Does your vote still count?


Burglars Want to Rob You When Your Mom Dies

If you're at her funeral, then a burglar can be pretty sure you won't be home.


How Living People Are Wrongfully Pronounced Dead

Each year, about 1,000 living people are erroneously added to the Death Master File, a database of every American who has died since 1936.


Every Human Skull Is a Beautiful Snowflake

A new exhibit at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia explores the beauty and individuality of human skulls.


A Handy Guide to Faking Your Own Death

In most cases, it's a really, really bad idea.


Humans Could One Day Evolve to Live Forever

If jellyfish can do it, why can't humans?


Tattoos, Diseases, and Skin Pickings: A Museum Explores the Importance of Skin

The exhibit includes wax models of grotesque skin diseases, strips of preserved tattooed skin, and an entire jar of skin pickings.