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Racists Are Peddling Fake Nike Coupons for 'People of Color'

Apparently we've now reached the "racist 4Chan scam" phase of the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick's new ad.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Stormfront Users Say Site Is Collapsing Because Founder's Wife Stopped Paying for It

The hate-filled white supremacist forum is switching to paying members only because of a "financial shortfall."
Allie Conti
Views My Own

What the Hell Was That?

Trump's bizarre press conference was thick with the stench of failure.
Harry Cheadle
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Organizer of Canceled 'White Lives Matter' Rally Threatens to Sue Texas

The event's alt-right organizer seemed to draw a link between the protests in Charlottesville and his own plans. Now he's threatening a lawsuit.
Drew Schwartz
Unite the right

Neo-Nazi to Troll Army: 'We Have to Be Sexy' at the Big Alt-Right Rally

In preparation for the Unite the Right rally, a prominent white supremacist is telling his followers how to dress.
Allie Conti

Hate-Group Trackers Say They're 'Struggling' to Keep Up with the Alt-Right

The Southern Poverty Law Center spends a lot of time counting America's hate groups. But the new wave of racists is less formally organized and trickier to quantify.
Mike Pearl

David Duke's Former Campaign Manager Says Trump and the Former KKK Leader Are 'Identical'

"Clearly Duke's controversial views years ago have now become mainstream Republican values," said Michael Lawrence.
Michael Patrick Welch

'Heil Trump': Members of the Alt-Right Are Looking Forward to a Whiter America

The alt-right's premiere think tank held a conference over the weekend to hose some of the most famous white supremacists in the world. This is what they said.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Alt-right trolls are getting 23andme genetic tests to 'prove' their whiteness

Elspeth Reeve
steve clevenger

Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger Wants to throw Black Lives Matter Protesters in Jail "Like Animals" [UPDATE]

The Mariners are looking into it and will have no further comment.
Sean Newell
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How Hillary Clinton's Attack on the Alt-Right Went Wrong

By dismissing Donald Trump and his supporters as racists, the Democratic candidate ignores the economic and political anxieties that allowed him to thrive in the first place.
Grace Wyler
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The Most Racist Thing My Parents Ever Did

Not every lesson learned from mom and dad is valuable.
Jay Stephens