Richard Spencer


The number of U.S. hate groups keeps surging, largely thanks to young, white men

The number of hate groups nationwide reached a record high in 2018, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Richard Spencer physically and emotionally abused his wife, report says

Divorce filings say Spencer physically abused her and made her afraid to call police or seek further protection


YouTube is driving people to white nationalists like Richard Spencer, report finds

“The platform, and its parent company, have allowed racist, misogynist, and harassing content to remain online — and in many cases, to generate advertising revenue — as long as it does not explicitly include slurs.”


Judge allows federal lawsuit against 25 neo-Nazis to proceed for violence in Charlottesville

An all-star lawyer is taking on the group for descending on Charlottesville and terrorizing residents.


Charlottesville Organizer Initially Approved for Another Rally in DC

The so-called "white civil rights" rally is going to be held on the anniversary of "Unite the Right," too.


White Nationalist Matthew Heimbach Is Going to Jail

The far-right activist was accused of violating his probation after a trailer park brawl.


Richard Spencer's Credit Card Was Apparently Declined for a $4.25 Drink

A bar owner in the alt-right leader's hometown posted the receipt on Facebook, asking him to "please refrain from visiting our establishment in the future."


Facebook is letting white nationalist hate groups operate in the open

Facebook says it takes online and offline actions into account when deciding whether to ban a hate group.


White nationalist Richard Spencer's pages just got kicked off Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg said "we do not allow hate groups on Facebook" and yet white nationalists were operating in the open.


Does Unleashing a Neo-Nazi 'Troll Army' Count as Free Speech?

Andrew Anglin's lawyers are arguing the notorious white supremacist didn't break the law when he ordered his followers to harass a Jewish realtor.


The Alt-Right Is a Subculture Without a Culture

In everything from fashion to comedy, racists are disguising and spreading their hateful ideas.


Too Many Atheists Are Veering Dangerously Toward the Alt-Right

And atheists can't afford to be quiet about it.