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Everything We Know About the School Shooting in Brazil

"Things like this don’t happen in Brazil, but other countries,” said the Brazilian vice president, who added “violent video games” may have influenced the killers.
Marie Declercq

How the UK's Last Mass Shooting Still Hurts Locals 20 Years Later

In Dunblane, the town that saw the last mass shooting in British history, survivors and the victims' families grapple with its legacy.
Francisco Garcia

A Bulletproof Backpack Isn't Enough to Keep Kids Safe in School Shootings

Some kids are heading back to school with bulletproof vests, jackets, and backpack inserts. But keeping kids safe is about more than buying expensive gear that may not be effective against an active shooter.
Gina Ragusa
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This Father of a Parkland Victim Is Turning Grief into Activism

Manuel Oliver rededicated his life to educating young activists about gun violence after his son was killed in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
VICE Staff

The Grim Portrait of a School Shooter in ‘13 Reasons Why’

Netflix’s controversial high school drama is back with another harmful plotline.
Connor Garel
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GOP Congresswoman Says Grocery Store Porn Is 'Root Cause' of School Shootings

"Yeah, you have to reach up to get it, but there’s pornography there."
Drew Schwartz

It's Been Nine Weeks Since Parkland. There Have Been 17 School Shootings Since

We spoke to 11 students who experienced school shootings after the dawn of the #NeverAgain movement.
Linda Yang
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I'm a Teen from Newtown Who's Fighting for Gun Control

Jenny Wadhwa was in sixth grade when a gunman attacked Sandy Hook Elementary and murdered 26 of her friends and neighbors.
Jenny Wadhwa
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'MLB The Show 18' Dreams of Escape from Politics, And Damn, It's Tempting

A great baseball sim makes an appeal to nostalgia even as Opening Day is clouded by mourning and anger.
Rob Zacny
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Sales of Bulletproof Shelters for Classrooms Are On the Rise

The CEO of "Shelter-in-Place" said sales are on the rise since the Parkland shooting.
Ankita Rao
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

Ten Years After Virginia Tech, the Momentum Feels Different

The Parkland kids are representing the common interest of the American people, and I think that’s why it’s sort of a watershed moment.
Jeff Twigg
Voices of School Shooting Survivors

These School Shooting Survivors Have Something to Say

VICE commissioned 15 essays from people who have survived school shootings over the past 30 years.
Jonathan Smith