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The Wrong Conversation About School Shootings

A culture of hypervigilence and militarization isn't the same thing as gun control.
Harry Cheadle
15 hours ago
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This Designer Is Actually Selling Hoodies with Bullet Holes and School Names Like Parkland and Sandy Hook

A company founder defended his collection, saying, “Sometimes life can be painfully ironic.”
Tess Owen
2 days ago
school shootings

18-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Up Her High School ‘for Fun’

Cops found an AK-47 and a 12-gauge shotgun in her bedroom.
Tess Owen
3 days ago
VICE News Tonight on HBO

The evolution (or not) of school shootings in America

School shooting survivors discuss progress — or lack thereof — with gun violence
Alex Lubben
Rita Chan

Everything We Know About the School Shooting in Brazil

"Things like this don’t happen in Brazil, but other countries,” said the Brazilian vice president, who added “violent video games” may have influenced the killers.
Marie Declercq

How the UK's Last Mass Shooting Still Hurts Locals 20 Years Later

In Dunblane, the town that saw the last mass shooting in British history, survivors and the victims' families grapple with its legacy.
Francisco Garcia
school shootings

Boy told Apple’s Siri: “I’m going to shoot up a school.” Siri responded with a list of schools in the area

A middle school student in Indiana was arrested and charged with intimidation.
Tess Owen
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"We can't turn society into an armed camp": New York is trying to ban teachers from carrying guns

“We can’t turn our whole society into an armed camp. I think that’s misguided.”
Tess Owen
school shootings

The government is finally tracking school shootings. The numbers are alarming.

Shootings are most likely to take place on Friday mornings, according to the data.
Tess Owen

Kavanaugh defends his decision about semi-automatic rifles "not being a dangerous and unusual weapon"

Kavanaugh, dodging the actual question, said semi-automatic rifles cannot be distinguished from semi-automatic handguns.
Emma Ockerman
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A small loophole could let Betsy DeVos funnel money to schools for guns

But it won't be easy.
Emma Ockerman
school shootings

Betsy DeVos is considering allowing schools to use federal money to buy guns, report says

But it's not clear exactly how the Department of Education would make that happen.
Emma Ockerman