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Sanders and Warren Left Sex Workers Out of Their Criminal Justice Plans

It's a glaring omission from the 2020 frontrunners, advocates say.


We're About to See What Happens When Prosecutors Don't Target Sex Workers

The election of Tiffany Cabán as Queens District Attorney will have huge implications for the sex-work community.


Bernie Sanders Says He'd Consider Decriminalizing Sex Work

He's the second frontrunner in 24 hours, after Elizabeth Warren.


Politicians Are Getting Serious About Decriminalizing Sex Work

In the past, these proposals were meant to advance the conversation. Now they're designed to be passed.


This Is How Sex Workers Will Change the Law

Sex workers met with lawmakers in Albany on Tuesday to push for legislation that could pave the way to the full decriminalization of sex work.


The Feminist Divide Over Decriminalizing Sex Work

On Monday, the National Organization for Women joined other local groups and a representative for Gloria Steinem to oppose legislation that would decriminalize sex work in New York.


Sex Workers Explain the Struggles of Running an Illegal Business

Cut off from legal protections, unable to access financial services, harassed by police—what do sex workers do when their work isn't legal?