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Stormfront Users Say Site Is Collapsing Because Founder's Wife Stopped Paying for It

The hate-filled white supremacist forum is switching to paying members only because of a "financial shortfall."
Allie Conti

How to Fight the Resurgence of Neo-Nazism in the Age of the Internet

Two women who have researched neo-Nazis on the internet for years share why hate groups are now being pushed onto the "dark web" and how "free speech" needs to be redefined for the digital age.
Steven Blum
No Nazis No KKK

Can the Bitcoin Community Stop Neo-Nazis From Using the Digital Currency?

Decentralization is a double-edged sword.
Jordan Pearson

Stop Protesting the Alt-Right, Hate Group Watchdog Advises

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a guide for college students, warning that protests only give white nationalists the attention they so desperately crave.
Mitchell Sunderland
women's movements

We Found Some Actual Feminazis—as in Feminist Nazis

The feminazi is a beloved oxymoronic portmanteau, but we wanted to know if real self-identified feminist Nazis actually exist. Through white supremacist forums and high water, we set out in search of the mythical beasts.
Lindsay Schrupp
The Armpit of the Internet

Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet’s Most Racist Forums

Michelle Lhooq takes another stroll down the ass crack of the internet to find out what's happening on some of the web's most racist forums. Some of what she uncovers is so ignorant, it's almost as funny as it is sad. The glut of hate and negativity...
Michelle Lhooq