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The Super Bowl is going to make it rain dollars on Atlanta's strip clubs

The strippers we spoke to told us they hope to be able to pay off all of their debt after the game.
Steven Roberts
Body Positivity

Dancing in a Body-Positive Strip Show Taught Me How to be Fat and Sexy

Growing up, I always felt sexiness was something reserved for thin people. Stripping helped change that.
Alison Stevenson

'Going to Heaven,' Today's Comic by Alex Graham

After dying and going to the afterlife, a man has a hard time making a heavenly wish.
Alex Graham

The Queer, Trans, Non-Binary Strippers Taking Aim at Toxic Masculinity

The members of the Manarchy Male Revue are pushing back on the rigid masculine stereotypes they saw in other male strip shows.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

I Ate My Way Through Portland's Strip Clubs

Come for the visuals, stay for the corn chowder.
Farideh Sadeghin

Why Being a Lesbian Stripper Is Harder Than You Might Think

Though most strip clubs are known for being aggressively heterosexual environments, many queer women are making waves on the scene.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

How Censoring Strippers Affects All Women

New York-based stripper and writer Reese Piper on how social media hashtags can be a vital lifeline for women.
Reese Piper
sex work

How Instagram Banning Stripper-Related Hashtags Hurts Sex Workers

Strippers say the social platform is cutting off their online support networks.
Allison Tierney

Exotic Dancers Do Their Taxes a Little Differently Than You

When you get paid in dollar bills and earn tax breaks for sexy lingerie, keeping track of earnings and expenses can get complicated.
Becky Ferreira
sex work

6 Sex Workers Explain How Sharing Client Lists Saves Lives

In the wake of SESTA/FOSTA, online resources used by sex workers are being censored or vanishing entirely. Sex workers explain why these networks are crucial for warning each other about dangerous clients.
Kitty Stryker
sex work

Bourbon Street Strippers Are Fighting Intrusive Regulations

Interviews with the New Orleans sex workers who came out in force to protest a rash of recent strip club shutdowns.
Brooke Sauvage
Avery L. White
Stripper Rights

New Orleans Strippers Crash Press Conference, Protesting Club Closures

After eight strip clubs on Bourbon Street were shut down in human trafficking raids, a group of out-of-work strippers took to the streets to protest.
Linda Yang