Opioid Crisis

Billionaire Opioid CEO Found Guilty in Scheme to Bribe Doctors with Lap Dances and Lavish Dinners

The scheme was meant to encourage doctors to overprescribe a fentanyl-based spray.
Alex Lubben

2 ex-NYPD detectives admitted to having sex with a teen after arresting her. They won't face rape charges.

Her case led New York lawmakers to ban police from having sex with people in their custody.
Juliette Maigné
Opioid Crisis

OxyContin maker didn't want to tell doctors how addictive the drug was, report of secret testimony shows

The 337-page deposition offers a rare glimpse into how aggressively Purdue Pharma marketed OxyContin.
Emma Ockerman
Opioid Crisis

Pharma reps bragged about opioid sales in parody video of A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems”

"I got new patients, yeah, I got a lot of ‘em."
Emma Ockerman
sexual assault

Yes, Harvey Weinstein is still going to trial for sexual assault

His lawyers tried to argue that the case against Weinstein was “irreparably tainted.”
Miranda Levingston

Jury recommends Charlottesville neo-Nazi James Fields be sentenced to life in prison

Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore will now decide Fields’ fate.
Tess Owen
El Chapo

Drug lords are using El Chapo's trial as a Get Out of Jail Free card

El Chapo’s trial has put a spotlight on a dark truth about the American justice system’s wheeling and dealing with the worst of the worst.
Keegan Hamilton
El Chapo

This is what it's like to almost get picked for El Chapo’s jury

What happened behind the scenes at El Chapo's trial, according to an anonymous juror.
Keegan Hamilton

This Is the Emotional and Financial Cost of Sexual Assault

"I sometimes find myself very depressed over the question: 'Who would I be had I not been raped?'”
Lori Fox
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Introducing the 'Chapo: Kingpin on Trial' Podcast

VICE News is launching its first podcast just as the El Chapo trial begins.
VICE Staff
Harvey Weinstein

One of the criminal sex charges against Harvey Weinstein just got dropped

“It appears to me some of the most vocal, outspoken critics of Mr. Weinstein who have put their complaints into the media were never properly vetted,” Weinstein’s attorney, Ben Brafman, told the courtroom Thursday.
Carter Sherman
Police Shooting

Jason Van Dyke, cop who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times in Chicago, found guilty of murder

Each count represented one of the 16 bullets the officer fired at the black teenager.
Tess Owen