Watch a Truck Full of Axe Explode in a Teen Pyro Fantasy Come to Life

A spectacle sure to delight kids who have shamelessly used the body spray as a DIY flamethrower.


This Teen Got Her Head Stuck in a Tailpipe and Just Owned the Hell Out of It

"Yeah I'm the tailpipe girl, whatchu know about it?"


A Sheriff Went After These Texans for Their 'FUCK TRUMP' Sticker

The sheriff threatened to charge them with disorderly conduct, leading the ACLU to teach him a lesson in "Constitutional Law 101."


Cops Say Thieves Stole $590K of iPhones in Daring Highway Robbery

The gang allegedly pulled up behind a moving truck, broke in, and smuggled the loot through their sunroof—all while whizzing down a highway in the Netherlands.


Former Ravens TE Todd Heap Accidentally Hit, Killed His 3-Year-Old Daughter In Driveway With His Truck

"We cannot imagine the heartbreak and sorrow Todd and Ashley's family feels right now. This is knee-buckling news and overwhelmingly sad tragedy."


A terrorist drove a truck into a Stockholm shopping mall and killed 3 people

At least three people are dead after a truck drove through a pedestrian mall in Stockholm, Sweden Friday afternoon, in what officials have already labeled a terrorist attack.


Behind the Scenes with Pro Golf’s Pit Crew

For Golf's Equipment trucks and their staff, the margin of error is razor thin: it's too easy to blame the clubs for a bad round.


Europe’s Biggest and Baddest Truck Drivers Show Off Their Rigs

This past weekend, photographer Sander van der Bij visited Truckstar Festival in the Netherlands.


European Truck Drivers Tell Us About Life on the Road

"I'm not sure how to explain this to you, but I'm often very sad."


Explore a Car Crash Suspended in Time in this Short Film

The CG wizards at the ArtFx production freeze time in the midst of a brutal car accident.


The Nice truck attacker was into crash videos, but a lukewarm Muslim

A search of the computer of the man who killed 84 people on Friday showed no connection to Islamic State, but a taste for really violent stuff.


Police arrested a man with a machete at a vigil for Nice attack victims

One day after the terror attack that killed 84 people, police have taken the man in for questioning.