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An Indiana Orthodontist With a Huge Video Game Collection Is Running for Congress

Indiana’s Tod Curtis wants to bring his geek culture credentials to the US Congress.


Night In The Woods Is An Affecting Portrait of A Rust Belt Community

"I met a lot of people who assumed that because my hometown is in the Rust Belt, it’s a small town, there’s nothing there."


FCC Issues Emergency Caller-ID Waiver After Jewish Center Threats

The FCC moves to suspend caller-ID rules after a wave of bomb threats across the country.


Here’s Why Net Neutrality is Essential in Trump's America

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Republicans Are About to Nuke the FCC’s Broadband Privacy Rules

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People Are Binging ‘The West Wing’ to Cope with the Trump Presidency

The entire run of 'The West Wing' is available on Netflix, with Google Trends data suggesting people are in the mood to binge Aaron Sorkin's classic series.


NOAA Is Worried Its Funding Will Evaporate Under Trump

The agency is responsible for much of the federal government’s research on climate change.


How Ordinary British People Are Trying to Fight Trump's Refugee Ban

Beyond signing a poorly worded e-petition.


Here's How Republicans Plan to Kill Net Neutrality, Climate, and Labor Rules

A series of bills making their way through Congress would give Republicans veto power over regulations passed by agencies like the FCC and EPA.


Net Neutrality Advocates Blast Trump’s New FCC Boss Ajit Pai

Open internet activists fear Pai will reverse crucial free speech protections.