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How Ordinary British People Are Trying to Fight Trump's Refugee Ban

Beyond signing a poorly worded e-petition.
Marianne Eloise and Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

Why the Rest of the World Cares So Much About American Politics

We often know more about what's going on in the White House than our local government.
Oscar Rickett

Stalking Donald Trump | Art Histories

This is an extreme version of art predicting life.
The Creators Project
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Why It's So Hard for Republicans to Pin Perjury Charges on Hillary Clinton

House Republicans are demanding that the FBI investigate Hillary Clinton for lying to Congress, but experts say it's nearly impossible to turn that sort of accusation into a conviction.
Harry Cheadle

Meet the People Who Identify the Bodies of Border Crossers Tonight on VICELAND

On an all new episode of 'VICE Does America,' we visit a forensics lab where anthropologists work to identify the bodies of those who have died trying to come to the United States.
VICE Staff
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Donald Trump Is Suing an Ex-Staffer for $10 Million Over a Leaked Story

Sam Nunberg, who parted ways with Trump last August, said his former boss is trying to "punish me and shut me up."
VICE Staff

What We Know About the Man Who Allegedly Tried to Kill Trump

No one seems to know how a quiet young man from England came to be involved in an alleged attempt on the presidential hopeful.
Mark Wilding
The VICE Guide to Right Now

How US Politicians Reacted to the Brexit

Donald Trump loves the Brexit, Bernie Sanders says it shows the global economy isn't working, and Joe Biden is disappointed.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Canadian Politician Is Campaigning for Bernie and Some People Are Pissed

The MP says what she did was perfectly fine considering her party's similarities with the Sanders campaign.
Jake Kivanc

This Kid Tattooed British Left-Wing Heartthrob Jeremy Corbyn on His Back

If the Labour party loses, a brief moment of hope will live on forever, etched into Kieran Horsfield's flesh.
Sam Kriss

Securing the Kingdom: How the US Military Complex Built Up Its Most Important Ally in the Middle East

The proliferation of threats across the Middle East has forced the US to focus its defense strategy on bolstering the military capabilities of its strongest ally in a region perpetually gutted by turmoil.
Adam Kerlin

The Bizarre World of Barack Obama Fan Fiction

A variety of online authors have imagined Obama meeting Hellboy, Buzz Lightyear, "Gilmore Girls" protagonist Rory Gilmore, and, of course, Harry Potter.
Kevin Lincoln