Abortion Rights

Blue States Are Finally Worried About Abortion — And They're Doing Something About It

While conservative legislators have spent the year passing abortion restrictions, progressive legislators are moving to protect the right.
Carter Sherman

Watch a Young Bernie Sanders Talk to Punks About How Society Is 'Baloney'

"To heck with law and order!"
River Donaghey
White Nationalism

A white nationalist in a Pepe shirt crashed the press conference about his harassment of a black female lawmaker

"The online communications that were sent to Ms. Morris by Max Misch and others were clearly racist and extremely offensive," Attorney General T.J. Donovan said.
Rex Santus
The Scarlet Letter Reports

The 'Nightmare' That Made Black Legislator Kiah Morris Resign

In this episode of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox speaks with Kiah Morris about living through an onslaught of white supremacist hatred and threats while fighting to represent her district.
Diana Tourjée

Nearly 100,000 Vermont Voters Wanted a Trans Woman as Governor

Though Vermont gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist ultimately lost to her Republican opponent on Tuesday, her campaign was a triumph.
Diana Tourjée
she's running

11 states have no women in Congress. These candidates are trying to change that.

“I don’t think I’m running a campaign any different than a man would," one candidate said.
Carter Sherman
she's running

A record 19 women have been nominated for the Senate

More women than ever are running for political office. Sign up for our newsletter following them.
Carter Sherman
she's running

We broke down how women made history in Tuesday night’s primaries

A record 19 women nominated for Senate seats, the first trans gubernatorial candidate, and another first Muslim congresswoman.
Carter Sherman
Opioid Crisis

The number of babies born to opioid-addicted mothers has skyrocketed in the last 2 decades

It's more than quadrupled.
Carter Sherman
maple syrup

How Maple Syrup Played a Surprising Role in the Abolition of Slavery

The pancake topping has a remarkably political history.
Jonathan Beecher Field
VICE News Tonight on HBO

How a potential mass shooter put Vermont on a path to redefining "domestic terrorism"

Legislators in Vermont are taking the most far-reaching and unusual approach of any other state.
David Noriega
The Ice Cream Show

A Ben & Jerry's 'Flavor Guru' Explains Her 'Swirls and Chunks' Strategy

Natalia Butler, the first Hispanic woman to hold the dream job, talks to us about ice cream and impostor syndrome.
Danielle Wayda