Watch a Young Bernie Sanders Talk to Punks About How Society Is 'Baloney'

"To heck with law and order!"
River Donaghey
The Scarlet Letter Reports

The 'Nightmare' That Made Black Legislator Kiah Morris Resign

In this episode of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox speaks with Kiah Morris about living through an onslaught of white supremacist hatred and threats while fighting to represent her district.
Diana Tourjée

Nearly 100,000 Vermont Voters Wanted a Trans Woman as Governor

Though Vermont gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist ultimately lost to her Republican opponent on Tuesday, her campaign was a triumph.
Diana Tourjée
maple syrup

How Maple Syrup Played a Surprising Role in the Abolition of Slavery

The pancake topping has a remarkably political history.
Jonathan Beecher Field
The Ice Cream Show

A Ben & Jerry's 'Flavor Guru' Explains Her 'Swirls and Chunks' Strategy

Natalia Butler, the first Hispanic woman to hold the dream job, talks to us about ice cream and impostor syndrome.
Danielle Wayda

States Should Follow Vermont's Lead Against Trump's Fake War on Opioids

As the administration cuts crucial funding and has no clear strategy, states are driving efforts to address the deadly epidemic.
Jasper Craven
Rise Up

Vermont's People-Powered Weed Legalization Win Can Happen in Your State Too

How a grassroots movement helped the Green Mountain State live up to its name.
Nick Chedli Carter

Tara Wray's Weirdly Beautiful Photos of Rural Vermont

The photographer's book 'Too Tired for Sunshine' explores the bizarre hidden in plain sight.
Elizabeth Renstrom
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Very Bad Substitute Teacher Fired for Teaching Kids How to Heil Hitler

The superintendent at the extremely white school in Vermont is very sorry for the ex-employee's behavior.
Opheli Garcia Lawler
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Disgruntled Farmer Allegedly Sprayed 'Wave of Manure' at Border Patrol Car

The Vermont man apparently grew angry when the officer refused to track down immigrants working on a nearby farm.
Drew Schwartz

Cows Are Our New Favorite Abstract Art Subject

Sam Raines paints colorful, moo-ving portraits of the dairy cattle near his Vermont studio.
Dyllan Furness
Impact Health

What Can Vermont Tell Us About What’s Next for Legalized Weed?

The governor of the green mountain state shot down legalized weed, but here’s why that’s better than you think.
Kastalia Medrano