White Nationalism

That Coast Guard Officer Accused of Plotting a "Race War" Won't Get out of Jail After All

A judge had previously agreed to his conditional release.
Tess Owen
In Moderation

Gun Sellers Are Advertising on Instagram and Directing Customers to Encrypted Chat Apps

A leaked Facebook document gives more detail on the type of firearm parts that the social network does not allow people to sell peer-to-peer.
Joseph Cox
drones inside drones

Weapon Manufacturers Are Making Robots That Deploy Other Robots

There's a burgeoning market for robots that deploy robots.
David Axe

Some of the most dangerous weapons at the Pentagon were easily hacked. Experts aren’t surprised.

One attack cracked the admin password on a weapons system in nine seconds.
David Gilbert

The Pentagon's Weapons Are 'Easily Hacked' With 'Basic Tools'

A new government report reveals that it took hackers just one hour to gain access to a weapon system, and the Pentagon didn't change the default password on "multiple" systems.
Matthew Gault

Powerful Photographs Challenging Gender Roles in an Indian Martial Arts School

Photographer Nadja Wohlleben's new series 'A Sword & A Sari' explores self-defense and female empowerment in the Republic of India
Nadja Wohlleben

U.S. obsession with guns is driving up gun ownership around the world, study finds

U.S. citizens are the proud owners of some 46 percent of the world’s civilian-owned firearms — both illegal and legal​, according to a new decade-long study.
Alex Lubben
DIY Cutlery

Watch This Guy Turn Rice Into a Kitchen Knife

A new video from the Kiwami Japan YouTube channel documents the process of turning rice—yes, the rice you eat—into a formidable kitchen utensil.
Wajeeh Maaz

This Toy Assault Rifle for Toddlers Is a Twisted Take on Playtime

Start 'em young, folks!
Troy Farah
Artificial Intelligence

A South Korean university is building killer robots — and AI experts are not happy

"It is regrettable that a prestigious institution like KAIST looks to accelerate the arms race to develop such weapons.”
David Gilbert

Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Is ‘Batshit Crazy’

"This will feed directly into the US nuclear and missile-defense lobby agenda and help them make their case for boosting US capabilities."
David Axe
Florida school shooting

Everything we know about Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz

“My friends used to joke that he looked like a stereotypical school shooter, and unfortunately he ended up being that.”
Alexa Liautaud
David Gilbert