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Hanging Out With a Pro Video Game Speedrunner Defending a World Title

Some game streamers become huge celebrities, but thousands more make a modest living in semi-obscurity. My brother is one of the latter, and his day-to-day is pretty stressful.


My Toxic 'World of Warcraft' Relationship Made Me Who I Am Today

The game gave me so much in the way of experiences, interpersonal skills, and self confidence that I couldn't put it down.


I Tried to Become a Better Person in Seven Days

My approach was simple: try one new mind-body challenge every day for a week. Like any worthy experiment it involved dumpsters, bleach, shame, swordfighting, and diarrhea.


Do Young People Care About Gentrification?

We interrupted some millennials' $5 coffee to ask if they think about displacing the poor.


How I Stopped Resenting My Disabled Father

Growing up with a disabled parent had me constantly torn between the world I was in and the world I thought I deserved.