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All the Dumb TV Shows I'm Going to Watch This Fall

The best of the worst upcoming television shows that you're secretly going to watch.
Pilot Viruet
Holy Shit

The Shins Debut New Track “The Fear” and Play “Name for You” on ‘A Prairie Home Companion’

Regina Spektor also played on the Minnesota Public Radio staple, meaning that Zach Braff probably cried somewhere.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

The Shins Are Literally Resurrected in Halloween-y New Song and Video "Dead Alive"

James Mercer is a skeleton and also tiny? We don't get it, either.
Phil Witmer

The Noisey Editors’ Best and Worst of 2015: Kim Taylor Bennett

From the best sex record to the article she shed the most tears while writing, editor Kim Taylor Bennett compiles her totally random round up of 2015.
Kim Taylor Bennett
2005 week

It’s the Ten-Year Anniversary of Realizing ‘Garden State’ Sucked

Eleven years ago, Zach Braff released his indie cult classic. A year later, we rewatched it and realized we’d made a huge mistake.
Dan Ozzi

In Defense of Taking Selfies in Depressing Places

Selfies can give meaning to lives where none previously existed—validating some and giving the rest something to make them feel superior.
Dave Schilling

Zach Braff Will Never Stop Making Movies, and It's Your Fault

Zach Braff's new movie advises you to consider abandoning your crazy dreams, but thanks to being gifted with $3 million in Kickstarter donations to make that film, he doesn't have to quit anything—even if he probably should.
Dave Schilling

The Potato Salad Kickstarter Is Incredibly Stupid (and That's Why You Should Support It)

Sure, this is all a big joke, but wouldn't you rather support someone's hearty, satisfying meal than a rich person's generic indie rom-com? Of course you would.
Grant Pardee

Science Says Love Doesn't Exist

While there's not an open debate about the existence of romantic love, I'd love to moderate one. Bill Nye would be on one side, vivisecting love. On the other side would be Zach Braff and Oprah.
Mike Pearl