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20 Hours In, 'Days Gone' Is an Ugly, Miserable Experience

A game about a man with a code, a code that involves selling people to a slave trader and pretending you're morally conflicted about it.
Patrick Klepek
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'Zombie Raccoons' Are Traumatizing an Ohio Town

Local cops have responded to more than a dozen calls of raccoons acting "extremely strange."
River Donaghey

'Zombi,' Today's Comic by Marlene Krause

After an afternoon full of rude customers, an ice cream shop employee has a bizarre dream about a revenge-seeking cone.
Marlene Krause
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Can We Stop For a Moment, And Talk About This Anohni Performance?

The artist was up for ‘Album of the Year’ at last night's Mercury Awards.
Noisey Staff

Tiki, Crime, and Rock ‘n’ Roll at Paris’s Dirty Dick

We spoke to Scott Schuder about the finer points of tiki and what exactly brought him from the high desert of California to the sleazy streets of Paris to sling tropical cocktails.
Nick Rose

Russia Wants to Ban Space Weapons, But Could End Up Creating More Problems Than It Solves

Space weapons are like a zombie plague for satellites. This Russian proposal to ban them may end up creating more questions than it answers.
Ryan Faith

Botnets Can Be Good, Despite What the FBI Says

The director of the FBI seems to ignore the existence of good botnets.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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People Are Mad About This Guy's Zombie Nativity Scene in His Front Yard

He's launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise support for his undead manger scene, despite angry Baptist flyers and a court summons from the county.
VICE Staff
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A Paris Gang Has Allegedly Been Turning Victims into Zombies with 'Devil's Breath'

Colombian Devil's Breath—also known as scopolamine—puts people into a trance-like state, in which they can be coerced to hand over thousands of dollars worth of valuables to criminals.
Bo Franklin
Animation Domination High-Def

How to Eat an Orange During the Zombie Apocalypse

This government-issued film strip will teach you the basics of orange consumption in the event of an outbreak of the walking dead. Please follow all of the steps for the best fruit experience.
VICE Staff

A Satanic Temple Holiday Display Was Vandalized at Florida's State Capitol

From Satanic Temple holiday displays to alternative versions of the Nativity scene, new takes on the holiday season have been put to the test in several states.
Kayla Ruble
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What Would You Do if You Saw Someone Eating Someone Else's Face?

Apparently, New Yorkers are a bunch of scared pussies.
VICE Staff