Patrick Kyle

  • Dingball - 'Boogerbeard'

    Dingball has a very sexy new dog friend. TB has a very luxurious beard made of mucus.

  • The Blobby Boys - 'Chortle'

    Blobby Boys cartoonist Alex Schubert is missing. Until we can confirm his death, well-wishing comic pals are filling in. This week's comic is by proud Canuck doodler, Patrick Kyle.

  • Dingball - 'Everybody Grows Up and Lives Happily Ever After'

    It's the final comic of Patrick Kyle's run of comics on VICE. TB is finally an adult, and he looks like one. Resolution!

  • Dingball - 'How About a Hair Trim'

    TB is a mess so Dingball cuts off parts of his head until he is employable.

  • Dingball - TB Falls Down

    TB falls down forever. It's some real psychedelic stuff.

  • Dingball

    This week, Patrick Kyle's cartooning eye turns towards Turdswallo and Dingball, two lovable goofs.

  • Vigilante

    When a neighbor boy waves his penis at you in a rude way, the only reasonable response is to become a superhero vigilante and ram into him.

  • Vigilante

    Superheroes are stupid in this great funny comic by Patrick Kyle.

  • Ear Gear

    Are you listening to the dead or are you listening to the dead?

  • Batman Comics

    Pussy Riot was imprisoned. Light the bat signal, Commissioner Gordon! We need Batman!

  • One Day at the Boston Pizza

    This comic is 100 percent autobiographical, but all names have been changed (to avoid a lawsuit).

  • Exclusive Insight into Being Punk

    They're angry.