Brussels attacks

People in Brussels Talk About How Last Year’s Terrorist Attacks Affected Their Lives

"I saw people running out of the station, people lying down on the pavement and there were a lot of police. So I went back home and called my boss to tell him I’d be late."
Silke Vandenbroeck
BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brussels Babylon: An Insiders' Guide to Sex, Money and Bickering in the EU's HQ

What happens on the EU gravy train? NGO workers, journalists, civil servants, lobbyists, consultants told us as candidly as they could about the pleasures and pitfalls of Eurobubblin' it.
Gavin Haynes

Brussels and 'Compassion Fatigue': What Happens When Terrorism Becomes Routine

How many more killings in Europe until they stop making the front page of the newspapers, until spectacularised violence becomes as unspectacular as a car accident?
Sam Kriss

A Group of Writers in Brussels Were Discussing How to Deal with Terror While the City Was Under Attack

I got in touch with writer Andrey Kurkov to find out how those guys viewed the Brussels attacks and how the rest of their time together was spent.
Ewout Lowie

'We're Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place': Refugees in Greece React to the Attacks in Brussels

"We came to Europe to escape jihadists only to find they are ruining people's lives here too."
Alexia Tsagari

Talking to People on the Streets of Molenbeek, Brussels' 'Terrorist Hotbed'

While Brussels was on lockdown yesterday morning, Molenbeek was not. The market on the Hertogin van de Brabantplein was filled with shouting salesmen. "I have to make a living; that attack has already happened now," said a Flemish baker.
Paul Schram, Photos: Bertrand Vandeloise

'I Have to Admit I Am a Little Scared': Europeans React to the Brussels Attacks

We got in touch with VICE's European offices to find out whether young people in their countries have grown desensitised to terrorism or whether today's events are yet another reason to be frightened.
VICE Staff

Everything We Know About the Brussels Attacks So Far

Three blasts hit the Belgium capital this morning, killing at least 26 and wounding at least 136.
VICE Staff

Brussels Is a Paradise

There's so much more to Brussels than boring European government buildings and technocrats.
Ulrike Biets

Austrian Firemen Turn Their Hoses on Syrian Refugee Kids, Warm Hearts Everywhere

Just a random act of kindness.
Martin Peneder, Words by Hanna Herbst