A Chilean Man Tried to Feed Himself to the Lions

Now the lions are dead. Great job guy.


The Cop-Fighting, Acid-Slinging Vandals of Chile's Protest Movement

At every student protest in Chile, a bunch of "encapuchados" stands ready to burn stuff and throw things at rio-cops' heads.


A Conversation with Patricio Guzmán, the Godfather of Chilean Documentary Film

The winner of the 2015 Hot Docs Outstanding Achievement Award tells VICE about his love for Canada, his disappeared friend, and the deadly and famous cameraman scene in The Battle of Chile.


A Sneak Peek at Some Upcoming VICE Documentaries

Featuring songbirds, cocaine, female Chinese bodyguards and the Chileans in charge of slaughtering beavers.


Atlas Mugged: How a Libertarian Paradise in Chile Fell Apart

Two years after Galt's Gulch Chile was founded, the utopian project is mired in personal and legal conflicts and investors now claim that the guy in charge is a sociopath and a con man.


An Anti-Terror Law is Inflaming Tensions in Chile's Indigenous Turf War

If you call people terrorists, they'll probably act like terrorists.


Chile Is Locked in a Drawn-Out Battle with Its Indigenous Population

The Mapuche people want their land back.


World Peace Update

The planet still isn't the happy-clappy place that Mo Farah's radiant grin might lead you to believe.


World Peace Update

It's not gonna happen while Vitali Klitschko is walking the streets firing tear gas at cops.


Photos of Faustino's Patagonian Retreat

They'll make you consider becoming a hermit too.