dead people


What Happens if You Vote and Die Before Election Day?

Let's say you send in an absentee ballot and then you drop dead. Does your vote still count?


How Living People Are Wrongfully Pronounced Dead

Each year, about 1,000 living people are erroneously added to the Death Master File, a database of every American who has died since 1936.


Thailand Is Planning to Send Drunk Drivers to Morgues as Punishment

Thai authorities want drunk drivers to "feel the pain, so that they may understand and attain a good conscience."


The Life of a Necrophiliac

Turns out there's more than one way to sexualize a corpse.


Burying the Dead in Alaska Is More Complicated Than You'd Think

Death in Alaska is complicated, but this guy seems to have it figured out.


The Art and Science of Making Dead People Look Alive Again

We talked to Daniella Marcantoni, a licensed embalmer and makeup artist for the deceased, about how she works to make corpses look a little less lifeless.


Did a Minnesota Man Pull a 'Weekend At Bernie's' with His Dead Mom?

After collecting her dead body on the day she died, police found out that 90-year-old Caryl Vanzo's son had taken her to the bank earlier that day to take out money in her name.


A Visit to the Little Shop Where Hollywood Buys Its Dead Bodies

Containers are helpfully adorned with labels like "Rental Skulls" and "Child Bones".


'Lelo' Is the Most Insane Sport in the World

The Georgian wrestling-rugby hybrid usually involves broken bones and the destruction of a village.


How Will the David Foster Wallace Legacy Survive Itself?

Why won't we let D.F.W. R.I.P.?


What I Know About Death

A real doctor's tips on how to tell when someone is gonna die soon.


The Dead Won't Rise Again

Ill this autumn? Better hurry up and die before the hospital releases its medical students upon you.