eating disorder

  • My Eating Disorder Had Nothing to Do with Barbie or the Media

    A lot of people with an eating disorder will find the idea that it's caused by Barbies or supermodels insulting and patronising. It's a mental illness, not a bad case of vanity.

  • Everyone in Portland Is Gluten Intolerant

    And other stories of America's bizarre relationship with food.

  • Young Diabetics Are Slimming Themselves to Death

    It's an incredibly depressing trend and it's happening all over the world.

  • Crystal Renn

    Crystal Renn published a memoir detailing her struggles with anorexia and her transformation from a starving, near-dead straight-size model into a healthy size-12 supermodel.

  • Bulimi-ania!

    Bulimia's fucked up. I just spent a week doing it to see what it's like, and I don't understand how those bitches survive.

  • Slimming Down

    Anorexia's not as hard as you think, you just have to get on the train. I know because I didn't eat for ten days and I feel great. Not only that, but I lost the weight.