Hur du vet att du är en hipsterrasist

Lita på mig, jag är ju din svarta kompis.


The VICE Interview: Beatrice Eli

Svenska popikonen bakom plattan 'Die Another Day' snackar konspirationsteorier, att käka sårskorpor och minns mindre härlig resa till Ayia Napa som 17-åring.


RIP 'Girls', tv-serien som nästan alla missförstod

Karaktärerna i Lena Dunhams HBO-produktion kanske inte hade så mycket självkännedom, men det hade i alla fall serien.


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Magdalena Switek is known for her distinctive style: a brooding mixture of street and documentary photography, all black-and-white.


Israeli McDonald’s and Texan Wrestlers

A mixed-media artist recreates her adolescence.


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We put TIFF films starring the likes of Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Ellen Page, and Catherine Keener (among others) to the Bechdel test.


Swedish Muslim Women Talk About How It Feels to Be Constantly Spoken For

"It seems to me that every time something good about Muslim women happens in the media, it has to be balanced out with something bad."


How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Your Reaction to MDMA

If you're a woman, you're more at risk from ecstasy – so why is no one talking about it?


Women Talk About the First Time They Felt Powerful

For some it was succeeding at work, for others it was successfully threatening a bully with a knife.