What America Learned About Sexual Assault in 2016

The same country that elected a man accused by many women of sexual assault seemed to cross a critical threshold in discussing it.


Lawyers Talk About the Cases They Can't Forget

Frédéric Berna once had to defend a man accused of killing his baby, sexually assaulting his daughter and fatally hitting his girlfriend with a flashlight, before raping her corpse.


'Audrie & Daisy' Exposes the Trauma of Teenage Sexual Assault and Slut-Shaming

What this new documentary says about social media and the blurred lines of culpability and consent for an entire generation.


The Scientists Who Watch Animals Have Sex

One researcher launched his career after diligently documenting a mallard duck fucking another dead duck.


Judge Sets Bill Cosby Trial Date for June

The next battle between prosecutors and Bill Cosby's attorneys will be fought over which pieces of evidence are allowed into the courtroom.


Sexual Assault Survivors Now Have Their Own Porn Site

Talking masturbation, unrealistic sex, and trigger warnings with the founder of the "Clit List."


A Woman Who Accused Trump of Attempted Rape Is Speaking Out

Jill Harth says Trump pulled her into a child's bedroom and groped her in 1993—and wants an apology for being called a liar.


The Story of the Stanford Rape Is Also the Story of a Drug Overdose

Brock Turner's victim wasn't just drunk—she was at risk of coma or death when he attacked her behind a dumpster.


The Clit List is a New Porn Resource for Victims of Sexual Assault

How do you get your sex life back when sex has been used as a weapon against you?


Lindy West’s Polite ‘Fuck You’ to the Stanford Rapist’s Dad

We all want to know what she really thinks, and her Shrill book and tour delivers just that.


A Brief and Depressing History of Rape Laws

In many societies, rape was defined as a crime against property—if it was defined as a crime at all.


How Campus Rape Victims Get Hurt by the Laws That Are Supposed to Protect Them

Title IX requires universities to protect students from "hostile environments" on campus—which can be interpreted as both raping someone and publicly accusing someone of rape.