sperm donation

  • I'm Trying to Get Pregnant with a Stranger's Sperm and It's Going Horribly

    Unlike our friends who stop refilling their birth control and get pregnant, for us "trying" does not involve regular romps. Rather, it requires countless doctors' appointments, thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket fees, and mind-numbing bureaucracy.

  • Why Is Sperm So Damn Expensive?

    With women wanting the highest quality sperm possible—college educated sperm that is free of disease and physical abnormalities—the amount of labor that's involved in obtaining this pristine goo drives sperm prices sky high.

  • This Is the Porn You Get at a Sperm Bank

    I've always wondered which researcher in a lab coat made these selections and what the thought process was behind their choice.

  • Getting Paid to Jerk Off Isn’t All It's Cracked Up to Be

    Sperm donation is an easy way to make money, but it'll make you feel judged, ruin your sex life and haunt you with the idea that you could have genetic offspring out there somewhere.