Volume 12 Issue 3

  • Always On the Edge

    When maps become meaningless in the Middle East.

  • Cold War in the Desert

    On the ground with the Polisario front in Western Sahara.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Listening to one song over and over for a prolonged period of time—especially music that's intentionally harmful and not from someone's culture—is a form of inflicting pain.

  • Doomsday Disco

    Life without music would be as desirable as having eternal life. In both cases existence would be kind of pointless, right?

  • VICE Fashion - Music Teachers - Part 2

    More sexy music teachers.

  • VICE Pictures - In Tribute

    Bands posing as other bands.

  • Mogadishu Massive

    The third world's taste in music sucks dick. They still love Michael Jackson. In fact, the most far-out they'll go is Janet Jackson.

  • You're Not Punk

    Punk as I knew it has a political purpose. What is classified as 'punk' music these days is absolutely empty and gutless.

  • Booze Monday

    Barney Sumner used to drink far too fucking much.

  • Electric Independence

    Autechre are back and their latest album is actually fun to listen to.

  • VICE Fashion - Music Teachers

    Music teacher chic.

  • Free Music

    Here in the belly of the beast, life is either totally chaotic or so monotonous that you can feel each second slip by.