​Vi fik pushere til at forklare os, hvordan de holder hustler-livet skjult for familien

Fire eks-pushere fortæller, hvordan de holdte deres tusindvis af narkokroner hemmelige for deres nærmeste - på godt og ondt.


​En forsker forklarer, hvorfor ADHD-medicin og metamfetamin næsten er det samme

Dexamfetamin - bedre kendt under navnet Adderall - er næsten identisk med metamfetamin. Ifølge Hart skyldes det forskellige syn på de to stoffer primært medieforurening.


The Disturbing Relationship Between Addiction and ADHD

According to research, about 25 percent of adults who are treated for alcohol and substance abuse also have ADHD.


Taking 'Smart Drugs' Made Me Love Work but Hate People

In the rat race that is modern day life, it's sort of the only drug that makes sense. How awful is that?


eSports Has to Grow Up, and Anti-Doping Measures Are an Essential Step

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Can You Simulate Love with Drugs?

If love is a chemical reaction in your brain, shouldn't there be a way to artificially induce it?


Will 'Smart Drugs' Really Make Us Smarter? Or Just Ruin Our Lives?

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Why I Love My Meds

I take medications every morning and night – they’re my breakfast and they’re my dessert.


The End, Part One

Amphetamine Logic is coming to an end.


Cat Marnell Does Not Give a Shit

XO Jane's beauty editor Cat Marnell talks her usual line-up: drugs, beauty and feminism.


Farmer High

Adderall is cocaine for rich people. It's an amphetamine more powerful than Ritalin and steadier than speed.