• The Mother Lode of UFO Files Has Finally Hit the Web

    We spoke to Black Vault founder John Greenewald about his massive database of government documents, modern cover-ups, and Stanley Kubrick.

  • Killing People Overseas Will Always Be a Growth Industry

    Today in America, foreign policy is enacted through corporations. Tasks that once would have been the sole province of the CIA or the military are routinely contracted out to firms listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Here's How US Conservatives Freaked Out Over the CIA Torture Report

    In the week after the Senate released its report on the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics, Dick Cheney and other neocons were spinning their wheels to defend the torture programme.

  • The Psychology of Torture

    We talked to Stephen Soldz, founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, about the dark theories behind the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics.

  • An Illustrated A to Z of Torture

    Earlier this week, a report was released that detailed all of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" (torture) techniques. The tactics in this comic were used by the agency at black sites around the world.

  • The Architect of the CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Programme

    In his first on-camera interview, Dr. James Mitchell, the architect of the VCIA's enhanced interrogation programme, speaks with VICE News about waterboarding, radical Islam and what he was asked to do after 9/11.