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My Attempt to Fix My Terrible Credit

After abusing my credit card, I'm $2,500 in the hole and have a lousy credit score. How can I get my finances back together?
Allie Conti
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A Third of Millennials Would Give Up an Organ to Pay Off Their Student Loans, According to a Survey

Half would go on a reality TV show to pay off their debt, and 43 percent would sell half of their possessions to make their loans go away.
Arielle Pardes

'This Is War': My Time Among the Militant, Anti-Euro Greeks of Crete

A personal look into how austerity measures and the economic crisis have affected Greeks in Chania, Crete, some of Greece's most fervent anti-austerity citizens.
Ranbir Singh Sidhu

Social Instability Is Driving Greeks Insane

A whole nation's mental health is crumbling under five years of austerity and six months of tough negotiations.
Pavlos Toubekis
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50 Cent Has Filed for Bankruptcy

Time for him to get rich again or die trying.
VICE Staff

These Young Greeks Don't Think the Bailout Referendum Will Change Anything

"I don't think it'll change anything, but at the same time, enough is enough. Voting no is a matter of dignity. It's a way of hitting back."
Demosthenis Christopoulos, Photos: Dimitris Michalakis

Some Greeks Are Going On Holiday Despite the Referendum

We went to the port of Piraeus in Athens and asked people how come they're taking a vacation in the middle of it all.
Melpomeni Maragkidou, Photos: Panagiotis Maidis

We Asked the Homeless of Athens About the Greek Referendum and Possible Bankruptcy

"Whatever happens, I think this bridge I live under will fill up fast and none of us will be getting out of here any time soon."
Melpomeni Maragidou. Images by Christos Sarris

A Brief History of Greek Debt

The country filed for bankruptcy before it was even a sovereign state.
Antonis Diniakos and Giannis Androulidakis, Illustrat

My Time as a Professional Debt Collector Made Me Lose Faith in Humanity

It's hard to be depressed yourself when you're confronted with the most depressing stuff imaginable.
Oliver Lee Bateman

In Photos: Albanian Migrants Make their Way Back Home

The European debt crisis has led many Albanians who had in the last couple of decades settled in Greece and Italy, leave those countries and return home.
Laura Aggio Caldon

James Schamus Wants to Tell You How the Economy Really Works

James Schamus was the screenwriter of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and producer of movies like 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.' But he's also a man in a fedora who will tell you that money isn't real.
Giancarlo T. Roma