Oliver Stone fortæller om den personlige inspiration til filmen 'Snowden'

Instruktøren fortæller om at udforske den personlige historie bag Edward Snowden, vigtigheden af privatliv og den indvirkning, hans tidligere film har haft.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt fortæller, hvorfor han er perfekt i rollen som Edward Snowden

Skuespilleren taler ud om om 'Snowden', patriotisme og hans families skepsis over for statsapparatet.


Fire grunde til at du bør give en fuck for sessionslogning

Diskussionen om sessionslogning er som regel meget teknisk, men vigtig for os alle sammen – også i Danmark – så her er er fire ikke-tekniske grunde til, at du bør give en fuck.


Mød kvinderne der er besatte af Edward Snowden

Vi har interviewet kvinderne som gerne vil stå for 'blow'et i whistleblower.


Our Generation of Hackers

We spend so much of our time trying to hack and subvert and work around the systems that make up the world, but should we be trying to change them for the better instead?


A New Documentary Followed Edward Snowden from the Moment He Blew the Whistle

We spoke to director Laura Poitras about her new film, Citizenfour.


The Man in the Web

Jon Karlung, the chairman of the company who look after Wikileaks' servers, on his fight for online freedom.


The 'Hacker Wars' Documentary Does Hacktivism No Favours

Vivien Lesnik Weisman's documentary is little more than a valentine to the internet trolls who gave her access.


Talking to the Creator of a Printer That Makes Self-Destructing Documents

A new project paid for by a grant from the Mexican government is getting people talking about privacy, secrets, and what we need to know.


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WikiLeaks Might Cause a Shitstorm This Week

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Glenn Greenwald’s New Book on Snowden Explains, and Humanises, the NSA Whistleblower

An attempt to blow the lid off of that which has no lid.