Cracked Foundations: What Happened to Kate Nash?

"I was surrounded by men that made a shit load of money from me. Nobody nurtured me, nobody gave a fuck about this young girl."
festivals 2016

Do We Need a Women’s Only Venue at Glastonbury?

"It’s not easy for girls to go out at night and feel entirely comfortable the whole time, which is a shame. A place like this is a short-term solution but it’s a solution nonetheless."
Daisy Jones

Beyoncé Discusses Feminism with 'Elle': "I Don't Understand the Negative Connotation"

"Choosing to be a feminist has nothing to do with your femininity—or, for that matter, your masculinity."
Noisey Staff
International Women's Day 2016

Life as a Female Rapper in Guatemala, One of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth to be a Woman

Rebeca Lane is trying to make socially-conscious hip-hop in a country where femicide is part of daily life, and there are 56,000 reports of violence against women per year.
International Women's Day 2016

We Spoke To Robyn About Why Her Festival Is For Teen Girls Only

"You don’t learn when you’re nervous, you learn when it’s playful and safe."
Daisy Jones

The Changing Face of the Male Pop Star Heartthrob

What women are after, at least in their pop idols, isn’t the fantasy of a perfect body, but rather the articulation of the complicated language of emotion. And talent.
Kat George

CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady Talks Ecofeminism and Her New Anti-Pop Solo Project

"The oppression and abuse toward the female body is similar to how the Earth has been treated and sold and exploited and disregarded."

Stop Saying It's "Brave" for Artists to Confront Trolls About Their Appearance

The notion that female artists are “brave” for speaking out against body shaming perpetuates the notion that women in the public eye have something to answer for.
Kat George

A Month-by-Month Break Down of Music Industry Misogyny in 2015

2015 was a banner year for music industry-related sexism and misogyny. Here's a breakdown of some of the most egregious examples.
Annie Zaleski

This is My Reality as a Woman Music Journalist

Looking back, I realize that I’ve accepted inappropriate behavior from male subjects and disregard from male editors because I was just grateful to be there in the first place.
Lina Lecaro
Holy Shit

LCMDF Strikes Out at Finland's Heavy Metal Patriarchy With a New Electro-Pop Anthem, "Rookie"

"I'm so done with the metal scene / I'm so done with the dudes who think they're better than me!"
Kim Kelly
Scene Reports

Forget Flannel: Seattle's New Artistic Hope Is its Feminist Punk Scene

We explore rainy Seattle's bumper crop of up-and-coming feminist punks, including Tacocat, Mombutt, Chastity Belt, and more.
Emma May