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Fuck You David Cameron, But Also Thank You for This One Remix Meme

Finally, someone has remixed his "Doo doo doo, thank you very much" ad lib into a squelchy electronic banger.
Ryan Bassil
Holy Shit

Billy Corgan Defends the KKK's Free Speech and Blames Music Pirating on the Government on Info Wars

Look at the 'fit!
Craig Jenkins

Wait a Minute, Why Is Tyler the Creator Banned from the UK If Donald Trump Isn't?

What’s worse? Fictional lyrics written under an alter ego when you’re eighteen? Or an ongoing verbal assault conducted on a world stage consisting of hate, racism, sexism, and prejudice?
Joe Zadeh
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Sorry Guys, Powdered Alcohol Is Now Illegal in New York

VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Petition Has Forced British MPs to Consider Cannabis Legalisation

The House of Commons will have a debate to consider freeing the weed in September.
Carlton Férment

Talking to Australia’s First Gender and Sexuality Commissioner

Rowena Allen wants to use her new role to draw attention to LGBT issues in the country that go beyond marriage equality.
Isabelle Hellyer

Meet the Burmese Punks Feeding Their Country's Homeless

Every Monday night, a group of black-clad, silver-studded punks meet under an overpass in downtown Yangon to distribute food to people living on the streets.
Paul Gregoire

These Young Greeks Don't Think the Bailout Referendum Will Change Anything

"I don't think it'll change anything, but at the same time, enough is enough. Voting no is a matter of dignity. It's a way of hitting back."
Demosthenis Christopoulos, Photos: Dimitris Michalakis
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How Will the New Ban on Laughing Gas, Poppers and Legal Highs Affect This Summer's Festivals?

The government have crossed off a bunch of substances, some of which seem more fun than harmful. So we spoke to a professor about it.
Ryan Bassil

In Defence of Poppers: The Banned 'Gay Drug' That Everyone Loves to Ridicule

The government have banned a new spate of legal highs – including poppers, the beloved solvent that opens up you and your arsehole to new worlds of fun.
Amelia Abraham

This Is What Happens When You Let New Zealanders Make Their Own Flag

The NZ government has thrown open the doors to public submissions for their new flag. Submissions have included kiwis, sheep, lasers, more kiwis, and more sheep.
Denham Sadler

We Asked Some Young Russians What They Think of All The Stuff That’s Getting Banned in Their Country

Porn, dancing, the list goes on – we asked five young people living in Russia what they'll do now they're not allowed to twerk anymore.
Alice Tchernookova