Lou Reed


13 trippede rocktegnefilm, der helt klart ikke er for børn

Gå amok over de fede soundtracks til en samling vintage, psykedeliske og helt gennemført NSFW tegnefilm.
Mike McPadden
Holy Shit

Watch Billy Corgan Cover The Velvet Underground in His Tea House

Don't break Billy's heart.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Julian Casablancas Covered The Velvet Underground's "Venus In Furs" For HBO's 'Vinyl'

Casablancas evokes the spirit and power of Lou Reed like no other.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Listen to Julian Casablancas Cover The Velvet Underground's "Run Run Run"

For 'Vinyl'—HBO's new Scorsese-helmed, balls out, 1970s music industry TV series—Julian Casablancas lends his pipes to the character of Lou Reed.
Kim Taylor Bennett

John Cale's 21st Century: Music for a New Society, for a New Society

The Velvet Underground's founder discusses the dramatic rework of his seminal LP 'Music for a New Society,' plus he talks Lou Reed, drugs, God, punk, and much more.
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Listen to David Bowie Impersonate Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and More in a Newly Unearthed Recording

David Bowie's sense of humor was too good.
John Hill
In Memoriam

Robert Christgau Remembers Six Ways 70s Bowie Changed Culture Forever

Bowie was everything: a punk prophet and an arena-rock pioneer, a free spirit and a proud poser, a dynamo and an amalgamator and a shrewd hanger-on.
Robert Christgau
Longreads Or Whatever

Lou Reed's Life in the Suburbs, 'Transformer,' and the Days after the Velvet Underground

Check out an excerpt from Aidan Levy's new book on the rock legend.
Holy Shit

Ease into the Weekend with Father John Misty's New Quiet Banger "The Memo"

Might there be a blank space on that memo?
Noisey Staff
Woah, Dude!

Father John Misty Reckons Lou Reed's Ghost Told Him to Remove Taylor Swift Cover in a Dream

*Hits blunt*

Photographer Mick Rock Looks Back at Ziggy Stardust's Takeover of the Universe

We talked about the life and legacy of David Bowie with the man who served as his personal photographer during his some of his most creative years.
Drew Millard
My Favourite Soundtrack

My Favourite Soundtrack: 'Up the Academy'

'Mad Magazine Presents Up the Academy' was a commercial bomb but its soundtrack is ace.