The New Generation of Russian Indie Rock is Finally Here

Seven bands you need to know from Moscow's Bol Festival.


The Pussy Riot Column: I Was Arrested by Russian Cops for Sewing in the Street

Activist Nadya Tolokonnikova on prison, being forced to make police uniforms and the absurdity of Russia's laws.


Putin Built a New Amusement Park Where Kids Can Play with Grenade Launchers and Tanks

Along with the sweet tanks to climb in and grenade launchers to touch and guns to shoot, visitors will be able to buy all the Putin memorabilia the mind can dream up.


What Would Cities Look Like Without Greedy Landlords and Property Development Sharks?

We interviewed Owen Hatherley, author of a book about what happens to architecture when you get rid of capitalists and estate agents.


Secrecy, Dark Rooms and Patriotic Drag Queens: A Gay Night Out in Moscow

Despite Putin's anti-gay propaganda law still reigning strong, Moscow's LGBT club scene thrives in the shadows. We hit up a couple of gay bars and found that there's hope for gay Russians yet.


The Hangover News

This weekend, one of George Osborne's senior advisors was filmed smoking crack.


​Trans People Can’t Drive in Russia Anymore

More draconian restrictions have been placed on LGBT individuals in a country that has all but criminalised being gay.


How the Invasion of Ukraine Is Shaking Up the Global Crime Scene

"What's happening in Ukraine now matters to criminals from Bogotá to Beijing."


I Went on a Strange, Propaganda-Filled Press Junket to Moscow

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How the Soviet-Afghan War Made the Taliban

An introduction to life as a Taliban insider.


The Hangover News

This weekend, a guy walking around Essex in a gimp mask told everyone that he's a nice guy.