Stream Marching Church's Brooding New Record 'Telling It Like It Is'

Listen to the new album in full from members of Iceage. In 50 years, these guys will definitely refuse a Nobel Prize.


New, Blood-Chilling Video from Peder Confirms Your Co-Workers Are In Fact Plotting Your Murder

The Danish journeyman Peder drags us in to the darkest corner of our minds to the tune of dank, dusty blues in the video for "Shadows Of My Mind".


Watch The Telenovelas New Video for "Future Echoes" and Call Your Mom, For Once

Enjoy the Copenhagen power-poppers' 8mm nostalgia-blast of a video – and remember, your mom misses you.


Grand Prix’s New Video for “Recover (In Silence)” is a Synthy Safari Through Time

The Danish synth pop devotee further explores his fascination with megalomania in anticipation for his new EP 'The Hour of Victory', set to drop this November.


Be Kind to Each Other and Stream GOAT's New Album, 'Requiem'

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"Night Ride" by The Growlers Is a Slinky Farewell to FOMO

Signed to Julian Casablancas's Cult Records, the Cali band tease us with this slick tune ahead of their fifth LP out next week.


Saint's New "Holly" Video Somehow Makes Line Dancing Seem Kind of Cool

It definitely won't get you off like a Rihanna-vid, but you know what? It shouldn't.


Pucker Up and Watch Danish Romance Punks The Entrepreneurs' Tenderly Gory New Video

The Copenhagen three-piece have served up a bloody feast of love, sin, and glorious noise in their new "Ombre" video.


Metronomy's Remix of NZCA LINES' "Two Hearts" Is a Banger, Obviously

The English odd-pop artist reworks his former bandmate's solo song. Slam dunk!


Rob Zombie Is Still a Dedicated Gore Whore

The hardest working psychopath in show business is back. Yeah!


Watch The Love Coffin's New Video, But Whatever You Do, Don't Call Them Psych Rockers

The Copenhagen rock-force just dropped the video for "Sound of Warning", so we met up with them for a talk about Madonna, bat-rock, and how they're anything but a psych band.