We Conducted an EU Referendum at Glastonbury’s Stone Circle at 2AM

I took a credible candidate from each side, some ballot papers, and a box to determine if Glastonbury is the left wing paradise we all think it is.


We Went to Former Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras’s Rally in Athens

The rally, held in historic Syntagma Square, was literally painted red with SYRIZA flags and shirts, albeit not as many as January's final rally or the 'No' rally prior to July's referendum.


What Do Greeks Think of Tsipras's Resignation and the Upcoming Elections?

For the third time in eight months, people are preparing to head to the polling stations.


Australia Took Another Step Away from Legalising Gay Marriage

Two-thirds of Australia's coalition government voted to deny their colleagues a conscience vote on gay marriage.


The World's Biggest Greek Community Outside Greece Is Preparing to Get Bigger

We look at how the unfolding Greek crisis will affect Melbourne, Australia, home to thousands of Greek nationals.


We Partied with Defiant Greek 'No' Voters Last Night in the Streets of Athens

Here's how the capital city looked in the hours following the referendum result.


The Hangover News

This weekend, Greece voted "no" in its bailout referendum, and some neo-Nazis had a shit rally in central London.


These Young Greeks Think a 'No' Vote Could Ruin Everything

"Don't get me wrong: I don't think voting yes will improve Greece's prospects."


These Young Greeks Don't Think the Bailout Referendum Will Change Anything

"I don't think it'll change anything, but at the same time, enough is enough. Voting no is a matter of dignity. It's a way of hitting back."


Some Greeks Are Going On Holiday Despite the Referendum

We went to the port of Piraeus in Athens and asked people how come they're taking a vacation in the middle of it all.


We Asked the Homeless of Athens About the Greek Referendum and Possible Bankruptcy

"Whatever happens, I think this bridge I live under will fill up fast and none of us will be getting out of here any time soon."


Queues of Greek Pensioners Desperately Trying to Withdraw Money Took Over Athens Today

Banks have been ordered to re-open so that pensioners without debit cards can withdraw small amounts of cash.