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Historien om, hvordan en 21-årig fyr fra Aalborg fik Pink Floyds producer til at lave sit album

Vi tog en snak med singer-songwriteren Hjalte Ross om, hvorfor han ikke er på Facebook, og hvordan han fik John Wood til at arbejde nærmest gratis på sit nye, tidløse debutalbum.
Alfred Maddox
Noisey Next

Kali Uchis er klar til at overtage verden

I den nye Noisey Next-video forklarer den colombianske sangerinde om sin udvikling fra fotografi-besat collegestuderende til international sangstjerne.
Noisey Staff

Pre-Stream ANMA's Shatteringly Gorgeous Debut EP, "Grow"

Trust us: this is a Danish singer-songwriter you'll want to know.
Polina Bachlakova

Conner Youngblood Is Going to Fly Away with Your Heart with His New Song "The Birds of Finland"

Get familiar with the Nashville via Dallas singer-songwriter who's about to take over the fall.
Kyle Kramer
Remembering Things

Both Sides, Now and Then: What Joni Mitchell's Songs Can Teach Us About the Art of Aging

Embracing change isn’t easy to do as you age, but Joni Mitchell's performances of the song "Both Sides, Now" over time offer a useful guide.
Austin Bryant

We Went Skateboarding With SOAK

Northern Ireland’s most promising singer-songwriter tried to teach me how to kickflip while I quizzed her about skate culture and sacrificing the social pleasures of teenage life for touring.
Emma Garland
VICE Premiere

Los Angeles Police Department's New Single Is Loving and Gentle

Unlike the actual LAPD, Ryan Pollie's work is thoughtfully nuanced and slow, much of it about the fleeting security of love.
Charlie Ambler