Noisey Raps

Mød City Morgue, New Yorks mest chokerende rapgruppe

I det nye afsnit af 'Noisey Raps' fortæller duoen om at vokse op i miljøer med crack- og heroinmisbrug og at finde inspiration i rockbands som Slipknot og Korn.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

15 Years of 'Iowa': How Slipknot Purged Themselves to Create a Masterpiece of Suffering

As a relatively well-behaved youth from suburban England, I’m not sure why the lyric “I want to slit your throat and fuck the wound" spoke to me, but it did.
Jack Blocker
The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Reimagined the Logos of Your Favorite Bands

More than ever, success in the music biz requires a savvy sense of branding, so we tweaked some band logos to be more suited for the era at hand.
Kyle Kramer
Longreads Or Whatever

Beyond LinkinBall Z: The History of the Anime Music Video

They tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, what do AMVs really matter?
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Slipknot's Corey Taylor Joined Stone Temple Pilots to Play "Sex Type Thing"

Has the band found their new vocalist?
John Hill
Objectively Correct Lists

12 Bad Albums That Got You into Good Bands

You don't always find a band through their classic album. Sometimes you discover them through their dud.
Noisey Staff
Festivals 2015

The Best Photos from Heavy Montréal

The praised heavy music festival returned for its seventh year.
Breaking News

Slipknot's Bassist Was Rushed to Hospital Mid-Way Through a Show Last Night

Slipknot powered through the rest of the set anyway, because that's how Slipknot do.
Noisey Staff

Heritage, Horses, and Tengger Cavalry: Inside the World of Mongolian Folk Metal

Listen to the stirring title track from Tengger Cavalry's new album, 'Blood Shaman Sacrifice.'
Kim Kelly
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Rates 20 Years' Worth of Mayhem

"The whole thing, I think, is sick."
John Hill
Objectively Correct Lists

The Cutest Boys in Metal 2015

There are plenty of male-fronted bands out there too! (And they're not bad on the eyes.)
Kim Kelly

Meeting Korn and Slipknot's Diehard British Fans

We sent a former townie to meet the grungers who hated him at school.
Daniel Dylan Wray, Photos: Natasha Bright