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What Would You Think of British Music If All You Had Ever Seen Was Last Night's BBC Music Awards?

A night jam packed with the kind of seeping insipidity that is so inoffensive, it borders on vulgar.


Amazon løfter sløret for deres nye udbringningsdrone

Hør Jeremy Clarkson fortælle om Amazons nye 'mirakel' af en drone.


Explaining the TFI Friday Reunion to Anyone Under 25

From the inexplicable appearance of the Archbishop of York to the return of Shaun Ryder.


Jeremy Clarkson Is the UK's Only Real Rock Star

He might be a dick, but that's more than you say for anyone in Clean Bandit.


Jeremy Clarkson and the War on British Dads

Your dad is tired. He's stuck in a future that doesn't want him. Everything he likes is lame, everything he does is boring, everything he says is problematic. All he wants is to live inside Jeremy Clarkson's brain.


Grime's Lowest Ebbs

Remember all those times grime decided to be a silly bit of knockabout fun rather than a massively important cultural British phenomenon?


Who Will The Guardian Go For Next?

The Guardian still has some names on its hate list to put a red line through.